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Residential Design

Enhance your home with luxurious remodeling to match your class. Cosmopolitan design straight from an interior magazine into your living room for reassured tranquillity to make your house homely.

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Institutional Design

Space for the propagation of creativity and knowledge designed with a complex structure, purposed to support literacy and education. An integrated structure to support the ideologies of the institute.

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Commercial Design

Values of brand names that run through the walls and leave an impression on the mind, we delivered on-time execution of complete corporate space design for luxury spaces private cabins.

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Architectural Consultation

With AR. Manasi Bhatt has created a state-of-the-art architectural masterpiece amalgamating luxury and modernity. Pioneering architecture designers for all-purpose infrastructural. Experience architectural consultancy services with innovative creations ranging from vintage or modern design safeguarding quality and timely execution.

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Our Customers Stories

Deepak and Meghna Deshmukh

After long planning and research, we were so confused. We needed someone to understand our plan and not remake old projects. It was important for our house to be unique, and that is why we decided to work with Manasi. We are pretty satisfied with the result. It's perfect.

Aadnya and Pratham Manjrekar

We want to thank Ms. Manasi for making our house look so great. It was delivered on the day decided, completely transformed, and so beautiful. We couldn't believe so much space was in our house. Especially in the living room and kitchen space, our guests gave us so many compliments. Congratulations! Manasi.


It was perfect. I can't give enough thanks to you Manasi. You did an exceptional job and an amazing job. Our new office looks great. Thank you, and Kudos to the team.


Thank You Manasi for such great work. I am really happy with the outcome. My office turned out to be so beautiful. The lighting and decor. I was especially amazed by your use of space. My office now has more space. When I walked into my new office it looked like my Pinterest board. Thank you so much for your efforts and keep up the good work.

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